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It’s the time of year when school pupils find out their exam grades, on which their life trajectories seem – at least at this time of year – mapped out as a result. Cue the usual debates about whether this year’s exams were more easy or difficult, and for us medic folks, whether academic prowess […]

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‘All you need now is for someone to give birth!’ And at that moment, we highlighted to Brendan – one of our elective students – that there was indeed someone in labour upstairs in our maternity suite. Click the link to read more…

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20 Jul 2016

I am angry. I am burnt out. I am overpaid. I am set for a gold-plated pension. I am the reason why A&Es are too busy. I am a failed specialist. Apparently, when I read the papers. There is a problem universally acknowledged that GPs have an image problem. Students are telling us this. Patients […]

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On why clinical guidelines need to reflect the range of expertise and time available to address health concerns, in the context of busy surgeries and patients with complex health needs.  See link to article.

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