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Let’s stop for a second to think how much we could gain if all those involved – particularly HR departments – could work more effectively to value our future colleagues – and their partners and families – to take up positions that we are spending so much energy trying to advertise. There are of course […]

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04 Apr 2016

Poor progress in harnessing advances in IT is holding back innovation and the ability to provide patients with modern health care.  See link for article.

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Thinking back to my own student days, I found myself repeating advice that I had received whilst a student in Stornoway: ‘Seize every opportunity. And never lose sight of the diagnostic power contained within your patient’s story combined with sound clinical examination.’  Inspiring the next generation with generalism. See link to article.

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The realisation that I have now surpassed my First5 years as a GP has been rather more significant than I anticipated. Concluding my first revalidation a few months ago seemed an anticlimax, with no ceremony, brownie points or free pens involved. Instead came the prospect of completing a new round of PSQs and MSFs, with […]

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